Amalya Nini

Amalya's love for the Jewish art stemmed from her upbringing in the rural Yemenite community, rich in Biblical tradition and folklore. She is today considered a pioneer in the field of reviving the art of Paper Cut in the Jewish Art. The ancient origins of this art form arrive from the far-east. Throughout history the techniques of the east were brought to Europe and were adopted by Jewish artists. Today Amalya's masterful Paper Cuts combine a long and rich history of her predecessors, together with a fresh palette of colors, which are a personal translation to the flowers of her own garden and the seasonal lights. Without disregarding her rich history, she has a unique voice in the art of Judaica. Amalya has been featured in many art exhibitions and galleries throughout of the US and Israel, and her works hang proudly in the abodes of many world leaders. She is a mother of two wonderful children, and lives and works in a small picturesque house nestled in the Jerusalem hills in the village of Zur Hadassah, where she toils tirelessly over her gardens, both the one outside her window, and the ones on her floating papers and parchments.

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