Jay Rotberg

Jay Rotberg’s varied life has ranged from work in institutions for the handicapped to teaching at Boston University and the University of Miami. The one constant has been his woodworking hobby. In 1989, he said, “I’m going to sculpt full time,” and so he did. He left university life, moved to North Carolina, and, in 1997, started JMR Sculptures.

Since then Rotberg’s work has found its way into shops, galleries, personal collections, and museums around the country. His art reflects his beliefs, interests, and loves—the closeness of family, the power of faith, and the unpredictable and delightful itineraries of relationships.

His original sculptures are cast in bronze and then recast using bonded resins. His new metal pieces are cast directly from his wax models and finished with a pewter patina. Rotberg’s resin sculptures are finished in a verdigris patina only.

Get swept up in Jay Rotberg’s popular Simply Love collection. With simplicity and quiet dignity, Rotberg’s creations capture comfort in a hug, depict abandon and joy, convey compassion and understanding, and inspire strength and hope.
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